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Snifty Scented Products – Magento eCommerce

Snifty Scented Products – Magento eCommerce

Magento eCommerce Snifty Scented Products Wholesale Website

Visit the site:  https://www.sniftypen.com/

This Magento eCommerce website was redesigned from “ground-up” by Bridge Road Marketing.  Having worked on SNIFTY’s website for years it was time for something that was mobile responsive, update, and more on brand. The new site was designed with a child like feel, while focusing on ease of use for a busy PTA / PTO parent, SNIFTY’s target market.

A positive user experience, always a must, with a focus on simply “build your own case” features, quick and easy re-orders, simply checkout, and secure account management.

We continue to maintain update, and improve this eCommerce site on a weekly basis!

“SNIFTY’s first product…the SNIFTY Scented Pen was introduced to the retail market in May 2009. Strawberry, Watermelon, Bubble Gum and Vanilla Frosted Cupcake were the first of the Fun Flavor Collections. Since then, SNIFTY has continued to grow.  Always introducing new scents and products, SNIFTY now has Scented Pencil Toppers, Scented Rulers and Scented Jewelry included in its product line.  SNIFTY’s Fundraising Division has helped raise millions of dollars for schools and other charitable associations over the years.”

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Element E-Liquid – Magento eCommerce

Element E-Liquid – Magento eCommerce

Magento eCommerce Element e-Liquid Wholesale Website

Visit the site:  Element E-Liquid Wholesale Shop

Element e-Liquid needed a new portal for their online wholesale business and went to Bridge Road Marketing to make this happen.  The brand new Element e-Liquid wholesale website is easy to use, has a modern and edgy look to match their branding, and is highly appealing to their wholesale customers.

Custom Magento eCommerce Features of Element e-Liquid Wholesale Website

This website needed to be restricted to only authorized wholesale account buyers.  Bridge Road Marketing created a special log-in access page just for wholesale users.  It was important that only approved and verified customers could gain entry to wholesale catalog and pricing information.  Also created was a custom designed ordering grid, as placement of wholesale account orders is the primary focus for this website.

Another necessary feature was the addition of the wholesale catalog.  Wholesale buyers can view detailed product information online as well add items to their wholesale “shopping cart”.  The resulting work has been a website that is easy to navigate and make purchases.

From the sunny state of Florida, Element e-Liquid is an international leader in the flavored and traditional nicotine vaping industry. Element e-Liquid products are proudly made in the USA with an emphasis on high quality materials.  As a nod to their scientific approach to creating vape products, many of their flavors feature label designs that resemble the Periodic Table of Elements. For creative and tasty vape flavors such as Pink Lemonade or Watermelon Chill, look no further than Element e-Liquid!

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SWENYO – Magento eCommerce Lifestyle Brand

SWENYO – Magento eCommerce Lifestyle Brand

Visit the site https://swenyo.com/

SWENYO is a robust lifestyle brand and version 2 of their brand new Magento-based site is now live!  SWENYO was looking to up their eCommerce game and bring their West Coast lifestyle brand to a bigger audience.  Bridge Road Marketing was excited to be a part of this new chapter by working tirelessly to build this fresh new site.  The new SWENYO site is user-friendly, clean and modern.  Shoppers can navigate with ease through categories for furniture, bedding, and other home accessories.

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The Jetski Store – Magento eCommerce

The Jetski Store – Magento eCommerce

The Jetski Store – A Magento eCommerce-based Parts Shopping Cart

Visit TheJetSkiStore.com

The Jetski Store came to Bridge Road Marketing with pre-existing in-house developer work and a Magento site installed with all of their products, but  limited Magento experience. They needed a tool to quickly locate parts within their catalog of tens of thousands, and a more polished look on their site.

Working within their budget constraints, we were able to train their in-house developer in many aspects of Magento and were able to keep costs down by designing simply  a new header, footer, and homepage for the site as opposed to a complete site design.

During the final review of the site,  Bridge Road Marketing received one of our best compliments  to date upon  completion of  a project: Client 1 “Haha! Wow,  I’ve never seen this before!  He’s speechless.” Client 2 “Its perfect.”

Mobile Responsive Magento eCommerce

Though we only edited the homepage, header, and footer, Mobile Responsive Design was still at the forefront of the project. The parts search tool is designed to work on all devices, and special attention was paid to homepage images. The rest of the site is based on Magento’s RWD theme creating mobile compatibility throughout.

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CrisintaV.com – Magento eCommerce Jewelry Store

CrisintaV.com – Magento eCommerce Jewelry Store

Cristina V. Magento eCommerce Fashion Jewelry Storefront

Visit Cristinav.com

CristinaV.com is a handmade Fashion Jewelry, Magento eCommerce shopping cart. Cristina’s home grown business is based on the East Coast- yet has an international reach!

Bridge Road Marketing has been actively working with Cristina V. since 2014. Though Cristina manages all of her products through the Magento Administrative Panel, Bridge Road Marketing manages all of her other content.  In addition to her website-based content management,  we also manage all of her email marketing campaigns.

Mobile Responsive eCommerce

As with all modern eCommerce applications,  mobile compatibility was a must! A Magento-based mobile responsive design was implemented with a focus on one handed ease of use for phones, and social media integration.

Managed Email Marketing

Bridge Road Marketing manages all of Cristina V’s email marketing with website integration to email lists, and new campaigns running on all major holidays, and nationwide events.

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K’sArcade – Magento eCommerce

K’sArcade – Magento eCommerce

K’s Arcade Magento ecommerce Website Pinball Parts Shopping Cart

Visit KsArcade.net

KsArcade.net is one of the internet’s  premier destinations for pinball parts and repair. They offer  pinball board repair in addition to a VAST parts catalog of hard to find and obscure pinball parts.

Bridge Road Marketing has been working with K’s Arcade since 2013. They came to us with a Magento 1.4 based website. Their  site was originally developed by the owner’s  son, a brilliant programmer, however due to demands at his full-time job- he no longer had this amount of time to dedicate to the family business. After a year of patching the ailing Magento 1.4 site, K’s Arcade opted for a complete redesign and Magento update in 2014.

Many custom features were added to the new site including some custom parts finder features, and extensive shopping flow guidance for their users.

Mobile Responsive ecommerce

As with all modern web applications,  mobile compatibility was crucial. Bridge Road Marketing used the default Magento RWD theme as a starting point to accomplish mobile compatibility throughout, including a great deal of custom coding on the homepage, parts finders, footer content, and checkout.

Post launch- we were able to follow up with user feedback and make some modifications to the site to cater specifically to K’s Arcade’s market and customer base, creating an even better experience for their users!

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K9 Ballistics – Magento eCommerce

K9 Ballistics – Magento eCommerce

Magento eCommerce Specialty Dog Bed Store- K9 Ballistics

Visit k9ballistics.com
K9 Ballistics is a Southern California based Specialty Dog Bed based Magento eCommerce Store.  What’s so special about them you ask?  Your dog can’t destroy them!  K9 Ballistics sets the standard for what an indestructible dog bed should be!

Bridge Road Marketing had the opportunity to work with K9 balistics in leveraging the power of Magento to take their existing eCommerce website to the next level. We had a wonderful time working with Calvin Scrimshire, K9 Ballistic’s in house web designer, social media guru, and all around eCommerce talent! Working with someone in house who “speaks our language” is always a great experience and we were able to get Calvin up to speed on how Magento works, so he could take the ball and run with it once we completed the new website build.

Mobile Responsive Magento eCommerce Store for K9 Ballistics

As with all sites in the modern age of web development, mobile compatibility was a MUST! This was not overlooked developing a mobile friendly Magento theme compatible with all devices, including phones and tablets.

Custom Magento Features and “One Offs” for K9 Ballistics

As with any custom designed and developed Magento eCommerce store, there were some “must haves” that weren’t a part of Magento’s core features. As you’ll see in the screen shot below, the “Dog Paw Reviews” is one such feature.

Two other major areas of customization were the product view page, and ensuring that their eCommerce customers had product in front of them at all times. This involved us extending a number of core features. We extended the function of upsell, cross-sell, and related products features. We also modified the core Magento “add to cart” and checkout processes to allow for the addition of more products relating to the customer’s purchase.

Sailormade Lifestyle Brand – Magento eCommerce

Sailormade Lifestyle Brand – Magento eCommerce

Visit Sailormadusa.com

Magento eCommerce Lifestyle Brand – Sailormade

Sailormade is a lifestyle brand eCommerce site selling online, high end bracelets, belts, and fashion accessories targeting sailing enthusiasts and nautical communities.

Bridge Road Marketing has been actively working with Sailormade since 2012. Carla Sinatra, owner of Sailormade, has been a great ally to Bridge Road Marketing referring Cristina V. and Sniftypen.com.

Sailormade has a robust wholesale network alongside their online retail presence.

Mobile Responsive Magento eCommerce

Sailormadeusa.com was initially a Joomla / Virtuemart-based web application. In 2013 Sailormade opted to take their brand to the next level by updating to a Magento-based eCommerce platform.

One critical factor in developing the Magento-based site was implementing a mobile responsive design for compatibility first and foremost on Iphone and Ipad, and secondarily Android based phones and tablets and other mobile devices.

Custom Magento Features

Many customizations were made to the Magento platform to accommodate special requests of Sailormade including the hover mobile image grids, custom navigation, color swatches on product pages, checkout improvements, email marketing changes, Google product feeds, email integration with third parties, and more.

In addition to the custom-made features applied to their website, Bridge Road Marketing  was  able to also provide Sailormade with Illustrator and Photoshop-based templates as to rapidly and systematically replicate image-based content on the site using their own professionally created images.

Managed Social Media & PPC / Targeted Ads

Sailormade actively runs PPC campaigns through numerous channels including Facebook and Google. We have seen a considerable boost in both search rank and conversions on the new Magento based website.

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JusDust / JusFilters Manufacturing B2B – Magento eCommerce

JusDust / JusFilters Manufacturing B2B – Magento eCommerce

Visit the Website(s) – jusdust.com / jusfilters.com

Jusdust (not JUSTdust, that domain was taken :), will always have a special place in our hearts as it was our first full sized Magento eCommerce project.  In 2007 Tim Barne’s, a family friend of Bridge Road Marketing’s founder Adam Korte and asked Adam if he could build an online catalog.  Adam’s answer was, “Give me a week to see what’s out there, and I’ll shoot you a price.”

A year later jusdust.com 1.0 was born!  A hacked up Magento build it was not the prettiest thing you’ve ever looked at, but it could do what many sites at the time could not.  Two years later and with a TON of Magento experience under our belts we rebuilt into what you see today.  A robust online catalog that sees 100’s of unique visitors each day!

Jusdust.com is an online marketplace and extensive online catalog of new and used industrial dust collectors.  They sell to virtually every industry in the manufacturing sector, and are always on the look out for new product to add to the site.  JusFilters.com their sister company sells genuine Donaldson Torit Filters.

Just for fun, here’s what we were doing in 07-08….

we can't help you gif.

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Just for fun, a look at our very first hacked up Magento site!  Jusdust.com version 1.0 circa 2008.