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Jusdust (not JUSTdust, that domain was taken :), will always have a special place in our hearts as it was our first full sized Magento eCommerce project.  In 2007 Tim Barne’s, a family friend of Bridge Road Marketing’s founder Adam Korte and asked Adam if he could build an online catalog.  Adam’s answer was, “Give me a week to see what’s out there, and I’ll shoot you a price.”

A year later 1.0 was born!  A hacked up Magento build it was not the prettiest thing you’ve ever looked at, but it could do what many sites at the time could not.  Two years later and with a TON of Magento experience under our belts we rebuilt into what you see today.  A robust online catalog that sees 100’s of unique visitors each day! is an online marketplace and extensive online catalog of new and used industrial dust collectors.  They sell to virtually every industry in the manufacturing sector, and are always on the look out for new product to add to the site. their sister company sells genuine Donaldson Torit Filters.

Just for fun, here’s what we were doing in 07-08….

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Just for fun, a look at our very first hacked up Magento site! version 1.0 circa 2008.