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...or on the road less traveled?

Time to try something new?


1. Learn about Bridge Road Marketing

At Bridge Road Marketing we pride ourselves on transparency, ease of use, and results.  Since day 1 we’ve understood that making you successful makes us successful.  

How do we make you successful?

  • By understanding your business & your target market
  • By adapting our strategies & processes to fit your business & target market 
  • By finding opportunity to increase efficiently of internal business processes
  • By not selling you products / services you don’t need
  • By always being available & addressing problems head on


2. Review

After you tell us a bit about your business we will schedule a time to get on the phone, video conference, or come to your location, to discuss your BRAND Position Assessment™ and where we think we can provide the largest ROI?  


  • We will develop a strategy to accomplish long term goals while addressing immediate concerns.
  • Do you require long term content management or training for in house content management?
  • Is your goal to improve internal processes (increase efficiency through automation), to increase sales and grow your customer base, or both?

3. Compose a strategy

Once we’ve had a look at what you’re working with we will discuss your goals and put together a strategy aimed at three things:


  1. Creating a unified & singular brand across the digital ecosystem
  2. Building a new customer base though automated marketing and list building
  3. Automating internal processes

4. Execute

See step 3.  It’s not our first rodeo!  Every business is different and we’ve worked in a lot of different industries.  Working off the strategy we’ve tailored for your business we execute the plan efficiently, on time, and on budget!

5. Report, Re-evaluate, Refine

Data is king!  It’s time to review the results, look at what’s working and what can be adjusted and make the changes.  Your success is our success!

BRAND Position Assessment™

No charge and no commitments. Our first step is to analyze all of your existing digital properties (i.e. website, social media, email, if applicable), and let you know what you’re doing right and where you could use some help. If you prefer a quick phone call that works too (414-52-BRAND)

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