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Magento eCommerce Snifty Scented Products Wholesale Website

Visit the site:  https://www.sniftypen.com/

This Magento eCommerce website was redesigned from “ground-up” by Bridge Road Marketing.  Having worked on SNIFTY’s website for years it was time for something that was mobile responsive, update, and more on brand. The new site was designed with a child like feel, while focusing on ease of use for a busy PTA / PTO parent, SNIFTY’s target market.

A positive user experience, always a must, with a focus on simply “build your own case” features, quick and easy re-orders, simply checkout, and secure account management.

We continue to maintain update, and improve this eCommerce site on a weekly basis!

“SNIFTY’s first product…the SNIFTY Scented Pen was introduced to the retail market in May 2009. Strawberry, Watermelon, Bubble Gum and Vanilla Frosted Cupcake were the first of the Fun Flavor Collections. Since then, SNIFTY has continued to grow.  Always introducing new scents and products, SNIFTY now has Scented Pencil Toppers, Scented Rulers and Scented Jewelry included in its product line.  SNIFTY’s Fundraising Division has helped raise millions of dollars for schools and other charitable associations over the years.”

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