– Magento eCommerce Jewelry Store

Cristina V. Magento eCommerce Fashion Jewelry Storefront

Visit is a handmade Fashion Jewelry, Magento eCommerce shopping cart. Cristina’s home grown business is based on the East Coast- yet has an international reach!

Bridge Road Marketing has been actively working with Cristina V. since 2014. Though Cristina manages all of her products through the Magento Administrative Panel, Bridge Road Marketing manages all of her other content.  In addition to her website-based content management,  we also manage all of her email marketing campaigns.

Mobile Responsive eCommerce

As with all modern eCommerce applications,  mobile compatibility was a must! A Magento-based mobile responsive design was implemented with a focus on one handed ease of use for phones, and social media integration.

Managed Email Marketing

Bridge Road Marketing manages all of Cristina V’s email marketing with website integration to email lists, and new campaigns running on all major holidays, and nationwide events.