How to Sell a Single Product Online (or just a few products)

So you’ve finally dialed in your big invention.  You’ve taken your prototype to production and you have such faith in this product that you went all in on 100,000 units.  Now you need to sell them!  But how?!?!

Everyone knows what to expect when it comes to an eCommerce store.  You’ve got a search bar to locate products or you’ve got a navigation menu and catalog pages with filters to drill down to what you’re looking for.

When it comes to selling a single product landing pages are king.

A landing page is meant to capture the user’s attention.  Offer that “WOW” factor and drive the user to a goal or conversion.  In this case, your conversion is purchasing the product.  Whenever a client comes to us with a single product it’s all about landing pages aimed at the target audience, followed by a/b testing to determine the highest converting landing page.

Marketplaces can also be a GREAT place for single products and very small catalogs. Amazon, Ebay, and Etsy are all marketplaces that offer different levels of exposure and may work best for different types of products as a supplement.  Several of our clients go their start selling on marketplaces such as Ebay and once they got some sales, reached out to take things a step further with some landing pages and paid to advertise to REALLY start driving some traffic.


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