Retail out the front Wholesale out the back

In the modern era of selling online, you’ve got a TON of choices.  Do you have a single product or 100,000+ SKUs?  Do you sell direct to consumers or do you want to do both?  This article is about doing both.  For more about single products or very small catalogs check out our article “Selling a single product or a few products online.”

So you’ve got a products catalog of 250,000 widgets?  You sell widgets to ACME Big Box and TINY Boutiques and a number of other regional retailers.  You’ve also decided that you would like to take a leap and sell directly to consumers.  Acme Big Box gets one wholesale price, TINY Boutiques gets another price, and the other regional players also get a different price based on volume.  So how do you sell online to all of them?  Easy, Magento!

Magento offers extensive flexibility in configuring custom pricing per “customer group” and offers the ability to set up different “store views.”  These features offer you a great deal of flexibility.  You can have 5 different customers come to your site and each one sees pricing, branding, shipping options, taxes, product offerings, and more custom-tailored to their account!

We can also serve up a completely different ordering experience to your wholesale customers.  Where a retail customer may only order 2 or 3 products per visit, your wholesale customer may be ordering 100s, 1,000s, or tens of thousands of products at a time.

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