Social Media Services

by | May 4, 2015

Social Media Integration

Keep your clientele engaged and interested with a well-crafted social "face".

Social Media – your voice to the world

Your Social Media persona is the face and voice of your business.  As humans, we interact constantly with our friends, family, co-workers, and followers by sharing ideas, photos, feelings, new stories and more.  We also like to do business with companies that have a human-like persona.  What do you sound like?

 What are the big Social Media platforms and what do they do for your business?

  • Facebook – A great “catch all”.  Share images, stories, videos and interact via comments and messages with your crowd.
  • Instagram – Wonderful for sharing beautiful / interesting images that promote your brand.
  • LinkedIn – Your place to share news of your company, tips and tricks of the trade, put your professional image forward.
  • Twitter – Get your message across in 140 characters (or less), this is the rapid fire conversation of the internet

At Bridge Road Marketing, we can set up any of these channels that make sense for your brand, give a tutorial on best practices for getting maximum impact, or even manage your social presence for you altogether.  Want to go a step further with Social Media?  We can also work out a Social Media Marketing campaign for you that promotes your posts on those channels, or created ads.  You have compelling stories and images to share, let’s get started today.



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