SEO Services by Bridge Road Marketing

Be Seen

Your website will be listed with all of the search engines, and search engine optimized to grab Google views.

SEO can make you…or leave you in the dust if you neglect it.

What is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is the secret sauce in websites that rank high on Google (and other search engines).  This is literally the method in which your website becomes more visible in “organic” (i.e. non-paid) web searches.  The more frequently you show up on the top placements, the more likely you are to get more viewers.  Therefore, more views translates into more opportunities to make your sale.  Just think, when was the last time that you bothered to go past the second page of a Google search for anything?

 What are some of the methods used to boost your SEO profile?

  • Editing text content to focus on specific keywords (this can also tie into your digital advertising campaign)
  • Crafting posts and pages on topics relevant to your business to drive more clicks to you
  • Ensuring that your website is mobile responsive *critical

Why do you want to works with us vs. another SEO firm?

At Bridge Road Marketing, we only practice “White Hat SEO”.  We don’t engage in shady practices to get you higher rankings in the short term but can consequently result in your website penalized or removed from the search indexes altogether.  Our method is legitimate and honest, and happens organically. Therefore, this ensures that with proper maintenance, your website will always be found by your customers.

We  can design and develop scratch websites with built-in great SEO.  Or we take your existing website and give it an overhaul.  Many of our clients utilize these services on a monthly contract basis to keep their website stocked content fresh or new content created by the client given the SEO makeover.  We present monthly reports to these clients to show how their slice of the internet is performing in searches.  Furthermore, this is especially relevant when paired with our managed digital marketing services such as Google AdWords campaigns.  Due to efforts on both fronts, we have many clients with excellent search rankings and conversions.

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