Reporting Services

by | Jul 4, 2016


Review comprehensive data about your sales, promotions, and more with your new reports.

Reports and Performance Data

Your website is an investment in your business.   Just like all of your other investments, you want to see how well this one is performing.  Bridge Road Marketing offers detailed reports on any key performance indicators that you would like to view, and at the intervals that you would like to review.

 What are some of the indicators that our clients commonly want to see?

  • Measure traffic to website by clicks, time spent on site, and where viewers are spending time on the site, where are your clicks coming from geographically and source of clicks
  • Google ranking
  • “Open” rate of email campaigns and clicks derived from such
  • Performance of any online marketing campaigns via Google AdWords, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.  How much did a click cost and did your ad convert viewers into buyers?

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