Mobile Responsive Website Design

by | Oct 20, 2015

Fully Mobile Site

Hit the ground running with a fully “mobile responsive” site.  That means it looks great on all your devices!

Mobile Responsive Website Design is VITAL.

You want your business website to be visible and easy to use for as many people as possible.  More people than ever before are using their smartphones and tablets to browse the web.  Just because a website looks and works swell on your desktop or laptop computer does NOT mean that it will necessarily behave the same way on a mobile device.

 What are some of the problems your prospective buyers may have with an online portal that is not a mobile responsive website?

  • Tiny buttons on your site that are hard to use from a handheld device
  • Mobile devices have smaller screens that will not properly display your site
  • A tiny view of your products that require the viewer to have to zoom in manually from their phone
  • Google gives preferred ranking status to mobile responsive websites – you NEED to be found via Google searches!
  • Even if they did find you on their mobile device, did they stay long enough to make a purchase or make contact with you?

At Bridge Road Marketing, we want to create a mobile responsive website that looks and feels great on ALL devices for you, from desktop to Iphone.  We craft sites that feature properly sized images and text for all devices, attention grabbing “Call to Action” items, and focus on great SEO (Search Engine Optimization) content to keep you relevant and searchable.

For our eCommerce clients, we build easy to navigate and update catalogs, beautiful product layouts, 1 page shopping cart checkout- all optimized to convert the most mobile browsers into mobile buyers.

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