Digital Facelift

Have an existing site that needs a fresh look?  We can easily transfer your products, information, categories, customers, and orders to your new site!

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You have a website…but it’s old-fashioned. Get a Digital Facelift!

You want your business website to be attractive, easy to use, and most importantly-make a sale.  It’s remarkable how quickly a website can start to look “stale” or “old” if it’s not given some love from time to time.  Most noteworthy, when a viewer stumbles upon a site that looks dated, they may assume that your business is not staying on top of other trends too.  On the other hand, a refreshed and fine-tuned website keeps your viewers staying on your site longer, and more likely to take action.

 What are some of the signs of an out of date website?

  • Literally, a date on the bottom on your webpage that states that your website was built in 2004.  *Hint- you always want to be in the current year.
  • Your website looks awful and works poorly on a mobile device
  • A logo that looks pixelated, blurry or cheesy
  • Page layouts that don’t fit properly on any screen
  • Background music is a huge no-no.  It was totally cool at the turn of the century, but it’s really annoying to your viewers who don’t want to be freaked out by unanticipated sounds.  They can find the back button on their browser faster than the volume on their computer.  Therefore, you just chased them off your website.
  • Fonts & graphics that look tired and don’t display well on the latest technologies
  • Slow loading time is totally not acceptable.  It’s nearly as bad as the aforementioned background music.
  • Cluttered sites with dead links, out of date information, pages that are no longer necessary
  • Built in Flash videos.  No one wants to install Flash on their device just to see what you put there.  If you want a video, there’s a better way to do this now.

What does your Digital Facelift look like?

First of all, we begin this process with an in-depth analysis of your existing website.  Is your website requiring just a cosmetic update with fresh new layouts, sharp fonts, and clear images?  Or is this a more extensive surgical project, extracting your best content and plugging everything into a new shape?  Here are some services we can offer:

  • Logo redesign
  • Professional photography
  • New platform for improved function and form
  • Upgraded font sets
  • New graphics
  • Style guide for approved color palette, fonts, and logos
  • Mobile Responsive Design
  • Content that has been copy-edited and SEO boosted