Responsible Marketing During National & International Crisis (2020 COVID-19)

Here at Bridge Road Marketing we work with small businesses.  Our core clientele consists of e-Commerce start ups, boutique shops with 5-25 employees, service oriented local businesses, and a lot of business to business e-Commerce customers. When unprecedented events occur that keep people from leaving their homes and stop foot traffic in its tracks it hurts those small businesses, AND bad.  That’s where its time to rely more heavily on your e-Commerce presence.  There’s a right way and a wrong way to do this. How can I keep selling products or services during uncertain times?

  • Put yourself in your customers shoes.  How are they feeling?
  • Don’t just sell them a product, provide them something that will make their lives or current circumstances BETTER.
  • Chose your words carefully.  Compassion is key.
  • If your product / service has the margins to support it consider donating a portion of revenue to an affected population.
  • Use the environmental conditions to tailor your marketing.  e.x. kids trapped inside sell them a scooter, you’re stuck at home perhaps some candles, spa / face masks, self care products can help ease the stress.

These times are uncertain and scary for many, but through compassion and understanding that we are all in this together, we as human beings and responsible business owners, can come out of it stronger than we went in!

If you are experiencing a downturn in foot traffic to your business or are simply looking for more leads, please contact us and we can put together a custom tailored plan for your business.