Does your business or industry generally have pretty high turn over?  Do you have season employees such as students over break or holiday help?

What does your process look like?  Is your job application a photo copy of 100 previous photocopies?

don’t worry, we can fix it!  Ditch the paper, ditch the photocopies.  Have your prospective new employees fill everyting out on your website!  Here’s why…

  • Each value is now in a portable digital form.  Need to send it to your third party on boarding software?  No problem.  Need to put it in the circular file… I mean “save for latter” stack.  Just as easy.
  • You don’t have to decipher hand writting.
  • No human error associated with copying over data.  We move it all where it needs to go behind the scenes and programatically.  Risk for human error is all but removed.
  • Unintended benefits?  You’ve got a new stream of visitors to your site, AND they’re going to be spending a fair deal of time on your site.  This helps with organic SEO.

Tell us about your hiring & onboarding processes and I bet we can save you some time and money.

Want to dig deeper?  Here’s some examples.