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The Magento ecommerce Lifestyle Brand epitomized!!!  Bridge Road Marketing is Based in Wisconsin, so needless to say we’re fans of the Green Bay Packers!  Foamation Inc. and are one of the best known symbols representing the great state of Wisconsin and our GREAT football team, the Green Bay Packers.  Needless to say we’re pretty excited to be working with Foamation, Inc. founder and Cheese Head inventor Ralph Bruno!

Bridge Road Marketing put in place a robust Magento eCommerce based B2B wholesale ordering system in addition to integrating their online retail and wholesale product catalogs with FishBowl for inventory management. is the most well known brand in Foamation, Inc.’s line of products.  The Cheesehead™ is a foam cheese hat worn by fans of the greatest team in football.  “Your Green Bay Packers!”  The founder / owner Ralph Bruno and his wife Sue are absolute class acts, and you should buy as many cheese shaped foam products as your pocket book will allow!!!

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