You have questions. We have answers.
I'd like to work with Bridge Road Marketing, how does the process work?

Great! Contact us and tell us a little bit about what you need.  We’ll follow up, usually the same business day, and get you started on the process.

Here’s how it works….

  1. We work with you to determine what package will suit your needs.
  2. We provide you with a contract outlining cost and project scope.
  3. You return the signed contract and 50% down payment.
  4. We provide you with several documents to gather information about you, your business, and your target market.
  5. We provide you with image mockups of what your site will look like.
  6. You approve.
  7. We build the site, then test the site.
  8. You try it out and approve.
  9. Your new site goes LIVE!

The process for other services such as SEO, Social Media Packages, and Consulting is very similar.  No two projects are exactly alike so the process and pricing can very depending on your individual needs.

Do you provide support once my project is complete?

Yes!  6 months of phone and email support is included with any new website purchase.  This begins the day your site goes live, not the day we start working on it.  You will also have an opportunity to “try out” your website and ask questions before going live.

What is your payment policy?

We require a 50% down payment and signed contract to begin work for all website packages.  The remaining 50% balance is due upon completion of your site within 30 days of receipt of final invoice.

For ongoing hourly and contract work we typically work on a monthly retainer, then deducting that amount from your billable hours.

Payment arangements can be adjusted to best suit your unique situation.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept many forms of payment for your convenience.

  • Check (We now only accept digital payments)
  • Credit Card (all major)
  • Wire Transfer (Must be $2500+)
  • PayPal
Do you offer payment plans or financing?

Yes!  We offer two options for deferred payment or financing for our website packages over $2499.

  1. Single Deferred Payment (SDP) – This plan requires a 34% down payment at signing of contract and 33% to be paid upon completion of website.  The remaining payment of 33% is due 6 months from completion of site.  10% is added to the principal package amount upon entering agreement (e.g. $2499 web package SDP = $850 due at signing + $825 due upon completion of site + $825 due within 6 months of completion).
  2. Annual Deferred Payment (ADP) – This plan requires 25% down and the remaining 75% to be made in 12 equal monthly installments until the package, plus interest, is paid in full.  20% is added to the principal package amount upon entering agreement (e.g. $2499 web package ADP = $750 due at signing + $187.50/month x 12 months).

Payment plans are available only to customers that are hosting their site with Bridge Road Marketing and only on packages $2499 and greater.

How long will it take to complete my project?

This depends on the project or package.  Every job is different and a wide variety of factors can affect time to completion (TTC).  The single biggest factor that delays a project is lack of communication.  We need approvals on various stages of each project and you need to be available to provide that input.

For fastest turnaround when embarking on a new project with Bridge Road Marketing, you will want be available daily, via phone or email, for at least the first week of the project.

Approximate TTC for a Website Package is 10- 20 business days.

Approximate TTC for an ecommerce Package is 20 – 60 business days.

Rush service is available for all packages at an additional fee.

NOTE:  These are rough estimates for a typical site.  Depending on your needs TTC can vary drastically.  Please contact us for a quote, for a TTC specific to your situation.

Will I be trained on how to use my new web site?

Yes!  All new website packages include 6 months free support.  A site walk through will be provided prior to your new website going live.  You can ask feel free to give us a call or email with any questions at anytime.

Will I be able to revise and update my site when it is done?

This depends on the type of site you have.  All but one of our website packages is built on some type of CMS (content management system or content management software).  A CMS, as the name implies, allows you to manage the content of the site.  This is accomplished by logging into your site’s admin area (“back end” or “back office”), and performing tasks such as adding / editing text, uploading images or videos, uploading products (for ecommerce sites), and more.